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Latest stories

  • New Features, Mechanics Changes and Bug Anti-Fixes in Version 18.12

    Today, CCP launched version 18.12 of EVE Online to the Tranquility cluster, bringing with it some contested changes and several fixes to systems that we didn’t even think were wrong, including removing the ability to set your home station to a station without a cloning bay and removing the ability for drones to auto-aggress onto PVE targets. More

  • Complacency to incompetence – The ESS Changes

    On the first of December, CCP announced changes to the ESS shortly after it’s release.These changes are made seemingly to encourage ratting, and offer more advantages for the defender. By offering more value and output and faster recovery, it seems more encouraging for people to take the risk and PVE. More

  • NC. Steals Unanchored Imperium Keepstar

    K-6K16, Delve — Today, Northern Coalition scooped up an unanchored Imperium Keepstar in the system of K-6K16. According to the Goonswarm “D00m Clock”, this system would’ve been ready for a cynosural jammer in 22 days. More

  • Hot

    The ESS Changes, or “We want you to leave”

    “We don’t want to fight you, we just want you to leave our system.” This is a quote commonly attributed to BRAVE representative and CSM member Dunk Dinkle. It is based on a CSM minutes conversation with ExookiZ and Aryth. The conversation was about fighting hostile intruders in your space. More

  • The Initiative Falls Victim to Failed Imperium Diplomacy (Again)

    In the system of Y-2ANO, Fountain, the site of many a battle previously fought, a new asset was gained by the PAPI coalition, specifically Pandemic Legion. Earlier today, a PL fleet commander named DJ Aldard was casually burning a perch in the system with a plan to drop a Fortizar and noticed that there was already a neutral Fortizar in the system. More

  • World War Bee 2, Observations From An Outsider

    Eight years ago I began my EVE Online career. Truth be told, I actually haven’t played for those whole eight years but I would drop in from time to time, usually after a big headline-making battle, and I would resub and then slowly drift away. For myself, the first time was the Battle of Asakai, and again after B-R. They say the third time is the charm, and for me, More

  • A Dystopian Cult in Space

    Picture a society. With a closed off dictatorial regime not accepting new nation states but willing to subjugate more citizens to it’s ranks.

    Controlled by a single charming dictator, and maybe a few select companions by his side. More

  • EVE Echoes: The Final Battle of RG9-7U

    The Silent Alliance (SHH) made waves in the EVE Echoes community for their accomplishment of dropping the first player outpost in the northern reaches of Deklein, RG9-7U. Their rapidly growing fame also put a rather large target on their back. More

  • Massive Capital Movement Taking Place in Delve

    On a Fireside chat today, the Mittani announced that all capital ships are moving to the system of E3OI-U. Following this announcement, Subcapital ships will remain in the primary staging of 1DQ1-A. Asher Elias explained that the reason for this move was to give better control over the constellation. More

  • Infrastructure Hubs in Delve Start to Fall, Giving More Ground to PAPI Invasion

    Since anchoring their Keepstar in NPC Delve, PAPI has had no shortage of momentum in attacking Fortress Delve. Staging out of YZ9-F6, PAPI forces have pushed into the surrounding constellations reinforcing infrastructure hubs. As of writing, 15 infrastructure hubs belonging to the Imperium have been destroyed and replaced by hubs belonging to various members of the attacking coalitions. More

  • Real Life before EVE – A travesty in MMO treatment of players

    On the 24th of April 2020 CCP released Forsaken Fortress. One of the most controversial updates in EVE Online for it’s removal of the sacred mechanic of asset safety. The update had mixed reactions; whilst the concept was universally praised, it’s execution was castigated for it’s mismanagement and long term damage to the community. More

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