Since the first week of July, the PAPI coalition has rampaged through various regions of space on a warpath with the end goal of reaching the fabled Fortress Delve. First, the region of Fountain fell to invasion with the help of PanFam.

Picture a society. With a closed off dictatorial regime not accepting new nation states but willing to subjugate more citizens to it's ranks. Controlled by a single charming dictator, and maybe a few select companions by his side.

The Silent Alliance (SHH) made waves in the EVE Echoes community for their accomplishment of dropping the first player outpost in the northern reaches of Deklein, RG9-7U. Their rapidly growing fame also put a rather large target on their back.

Welcome back to Your Week in New Eden. To coincide with patch notes and updates, this post is now updated on Tuesdays. Today, we have a pretty big launch of features for EVE Online so let's get into it.

On a Fireside chat today, the Mittani announced that all capital ships are moving to the system of E3OI-U. Following this announcement, Subcapital ships will remain in the primary staging of 1DQ1-A. Asher Elias explained that the reason for this move was to give better control over the constellation.

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen and welcome to "Your Week in New Eden". WINE is your weekly primer of the most important news across the galaxy, including battles, game changes, and r/eve drama.

Since anchoring their Keepstar in NPC Delve, PAPI has had no shortage of momentum in attacking Fortress Delve. Staging out of YZ9-F6, PAPI forces have pushed into the surrounding constellations reinforcing infrastructure hubs. As of writing, 15 infrastructure hubs belonging to the Imperium have been destroyed and replaced by hubs belonging to various members of the attacking coalitions.

On the 24th of April 2020 CCP released Forsaken Fortress. One of the most controversial updates in EVE Online for it's removal of the sacred mechanic of asset safety. The update had mixed reactions; whilst the concept was universally praised, it's execution was castigated for it's mismanagement and long term damage to the community.

After 4 previous attempts to anchor Keepstars in NPC Delve have failed, the PAPI coalition has onlined their new staging Keepstar in YZ9-F6 with little to no contest from the Imperium. TEST anchored a sphere of bubbles around the Keepstar, 149 to be specific. This is important to note because once that number reaches 150, CCP has been known to nuke the anchorables on the grid.

YZ9-F6, Delve - In the early hours of the EVE morning, fighting ensued over the armor timer of an Imperium Fortizar. With recent attempts to anchor Keepstar citadels unsuccessful, the PAPI coalition has turned its eyes towards the structures the Imperium has previously used to launch their counterattacks during battles.

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