EVE Online Players Find New Stargates Leading to Destinations Unknown

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Earlier this week, CCP sent out a mysterious invitation to the players of EVE Online. In the invitation video, we observe what looks like a Rook or a Blackbird docking in a mysterious asteroid station. A cybernetic-laden character walks her way into a busy nightclub, laying a strange box on the table. Within it, a hologram of some figure we haven’t yet met (the Deathless). He offers an invitation to us to join them.

After the release of this video, Jove Observatories began dropping special items containing clues to a sequence to discover a new set of stargates within New Eden. Within hours, people began sharing clues and trying to come up with the solution to this strange puzzle. The items dropped contained video fragments. Here is one of the early versions of the fragments put together:

As of now, capsuleers have managed to find stargates in the systems of H-PA29, G-0Q86, Alsavoinon, and Turnur. It is unknown whether there are additional stargates to find at this time but people are still analyzing all of the clues that have been provided. If you wish to help them, you can join their discord.

Though we have found these gates, they remain unopened, leaving players to speculate as to their destinations. Some believe the gates will lead to ancient and forgotten Jovian space, where we will finally meet some of the precursors to our capsuleer species. Others speculate that the gates will lead to a new region entirely. One capsuleer on reddit put together a possible location where that region might end up on the map:

Time will tell whether there are additional stargates to be discovered and where exactly those stargates lead. What do you think about this event? Where do you think the stargates will go?

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