Battle Reports

Amamake’s One Trillion ISK Keepstar Bash, Courtesy of Snuffed Out’s Lantorn Summer Camp

Last year, we reported on Snuffed Out's deployment to Lantorn that cost attacking forces more than 1 trillion ISK to end. This year, Snuffed Out came back to Lantorn....

Snuffed Out’s Trillion ISK Fortizar Meets Its End

Lantorn, 1600 ET -- Today, in the system of Lantorn, a Faction Fortizar belonging to Snuffed Out was destroyed. The Fortizar was previously the spot of a nearly 1 trillion ISK fight several days ago.

Dreadnaught Slugfest in F-NMX6, Pure Blind Over Ansiblex Gate

F-NMX6, Pure Blind - A capital brawl broke out in the system of F-NMX6 between the Imperium and PanFam over an Initiative Ansiblex jump gate. Objective-wise, the jump gate was successfully defended but reinforced again during the battle.

Over 2,100 Capsuleers Engage in Combat in 9UY4-H, Providence, Over Infrastructure Hub

9UY4-H, Providence - A massive fight took place in Providence at around 18:00 EVE time today over an infrastructure hub in the area reinforced by Rekking Crew (RC). More than 2,000 capsuleers from all over the galaxy converged on the system

Forsaken Empire Fortizar Dies in Vale of the Silent, TVN-FM

TVN-FM, 0400 - In the early hours of the EVE morning on 24 May, the final timer of a Forsaken Empire Fortizar in...

Dread Brawl in IVP-KA, Cache

IVP-KA (Cache), 0100 - Another large battle took place in the region of Cache between the northern and southern coalitions of PanFam and Legacy....

Fighting Erupts in 2-2EWC Over NSH Astrahus

2-2EWC, 0145 - The cold war in Cache is heating up as Legacy and PanFam forces clashed over the potential destruction of an Astrahus...