Dread Brawl in IVP-KA, Cache

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IVP-KA (Cache), 0100 – Another large battle took place in the region of Cache between the northern and southern coalitions of PanFam and Legacy. Similar to previous fights, this battle began because of what groups call a “content Astrahus”, a cheaply fit and mostly inexpensive citadel that maintains the regular three damage windows of shield, armor, and hull. Tonight’s fight took place during the armor timer of the Astrahus.

PanFam and NullSechnaya Sholupen, with the assistance of Winter Coalition, entered the system first bringing fleets of Maelstroms, Tempest Fleet Issues, Muninns, and Eagles. Legacy counter formed, bringing their own Eagle and Muninn fleets, jumping in minutes later while the Astrahus was in its repair cycle.

Fighting began when a Legion of xDeathx Eagle fleet warped to zero kilometers of the hostile Astrahus and was immediately bubbled. Nearly the entire fleet was destroyed within minutes of their arrival. The remaining Legacy and Co. forces warped to the grid and began to engage the Northern Coalition Maelstrom fleet. Under triage, the Maelstroms were barely holding under the pressure of the combined heavy assault cruiser fleets. The attacking fleets had triage on-grid as well, holding themselves fairly confidently.

This realization triggered PanFam to unleash approximately 69 dreadnaughts to destroy the triage on field and prepare for a counter drop from Legacy which came almost immediately. A fairly even dread brawl ensued with both sides taking dreadnaught losses and bringing in more triage to try to stop the bleeding of subcapital ships. All triage in the battle died fairly quickly with the mass of dreads immediately targeting them.

Once the dreadnaughts were settled in battle, Legacy began calling for reinforcements in the form of supercapital ships (supercarriers and Titans). They brought approximately 30 supercaps in at long range and began sniping the remaining dreadnaughts that were on grid. A large majority of the PanFam dreadnaughts were able to desiege, deagress, and tether up, regenerating their capacitor, and jump out to a friendly system. The presence of supercapitals pre-emptively ended the fighting as all defenders deagressed and tethered up on the friendly citadel if they could.

All totaled, the battle is currently showing a total of just over 200 billion ISK lost between defenders and attackers at a fairly even split. The Astrahus was successfully reinforced by the attackers.

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