Legacy’s Bad Break-Up, Where the Alliances of the Former 3rd Largest Coalition in EVE are Headed

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In the weeks since the announcement from PAPI coalition leaders that their offensive actions in Delve would cease, one of the largest coalitions involved (and in general) has officially closed their doors. This comes after more than two weeks traveling New Eden’s new “trail of tears” that has been littered with the wrecks of PAPI coalition capitals, supers, and even a Titan here or there and spans from Delve all the way to Outer Passage in the Dronelands.

Prior to its disbanding, eleven alliances (if you count Army of Mango) made up the Legacy coalition and each is doing something a little different. Some are moving to different parts of the galaxy and buddying up with other entities, others are closing down completely, leaving their member corporations up for grabs to the rest of the universe.

In this article, we’ll explore a brief history of each of the alliances within Legacy, the impact the war had on them, and where they’re going to be ending up now that the war is over. Because a lot of these reports are from third-party sources, some information may not be as correct as it should be, but these kinds of situations can change daily. We’ll do our best to keep you updated on how everything shakes out.

EDITORIAL NOTE: In each alliance’s overview, you will see a statistic for the amount of pilots gained and lost by the alliance over the course of the war. These numbers come exclusively from corporations joining and leaving the alliance. It does not count people leaving or joining corporations.


Sev3rance (-7-) is a former member of Provibloc, the group of “NRDS” (not red don’t shoot) pilots that lived in Providence prior to their eviction and destruction at the hands of Rekking Crew (RC). They joined Legacy in July of 2020, just over a year ago, right when the war was kicking off.

Over the course of the war member corporations totaling 492 pilots have left Sev3rance so far, with the bulk of those pilots leaving after the announcement that they would be joining the FI.RE coalition. However, during the same time period, member corporations totaling 690 pilots have joined (and stayed with the alliance), meaning that Sev3rance has actually grown by 198 pilots over the course of the war.

At the time of writing, Sev3rance has 1295 members, 30 member corporations, and holds no sovereign space. Though it is assumed that they will be granted some space in Wicked Creek.


VINDICTIVE joined Legacy 2 years ago, leaving Winter Coalition due to, apparently, some conflict of interest between them and their friends within the coalition. They made the move to Legacy because they felt that it was where their alliance would succeed best.

Prior to WWB2, VINDICTIVE was one of the proxy groups vying for territory in Cache, a region where the PanFam and Legacy coalitions clashed as PanFam wanted to install their own proxy into the region. The campaign was flushed in order to pave the way for the beginning of the war.

VINDICTIVE is an outlier in that no one has really come forward to explain exactly what they are going to be doing. They are still allied with Army of Mango (AOM) and Evictus (IOU) who we’ll discuss further in the list, but haven’t made any specific deals with any other parties for protection or space.

Over the course of the war, VINDICTIVE lost 1137 pilots and gained 922, resulting in a net loss of 215 pilots. At the time of writing, they have 1033 members across 25 corporations and hold 14 sovereign systems.

Already Replaced.

Already Replaced (AARP) has been a hotbed of drama in the last few weeks, even before the official dissolution of Legacy, as accusations of theft and other strangely cryptic posts have made their way to the r/EVE subreddit. According to one of these posts, Already Replaced is headed to Cloud Ring due to some deals made with the locals there. Apparently one of the directors, one who remains in the alliance, is trying some big heist. It’s interesting to read through the posts from u/evesh4d0ws as they give details of the AARP story.

AARP joined legacy in 2019 and have largely managed to stay out of the spotlight until recently. Over the course of the war AARP, gained 192 pilots in corporations and lost 901 pilots, resulting in a net loss of 709 pilots through the last 14 months. At the time of writing, AARP has 774 members in 18 corporations and holds no sovereign space.

Federation Uprising

Federation Uprising (FEDUP) could be seen as a particularly strong alliance within the Legacy coalition. They were appointed (kind of) the Wardens of Fountain (a term I am making up myself) and tasked with keeping the locals at bay and preventing an incursion into the space. It’s believed FEDUP intended to hold Fountain and would be to TEST Alliance (living in Delve) what the Initiative is to Goonswarm Federation. However, as PAPI collapsed, so did FEDUP’s holdings in Fountain. All but three of the systems FEDUP held in Fountain have been taken by other entities.

In addition to its sovereignty collapsing, the alliance itself has also announced that it would be ceasing its activities. FEDUP joined Legacy in 2019 after a history of activity in low-security space and it’s assumed that some of its members will return to those roots. Others have already merged their corporations into another and joined other alliances.

Warped Intentions

Warped Intentions (W4RP) joined Legacy in 2017 and has been an active participant in coalition activities (Voltron Fleets) and the recent war. They, much like so many of the members of Legacy, have decided to mothball their alliance. This allows them to keep the alliance name for later use if needed.

In an announcement on Discord, it was announced that W4RP would be following Brave Collective and, eventually, merging themselves into that alliance. After this point, W4RP will be no more. W4RP currently holds some sovereign space in Period Basis but it is likely that space will soon return to its previous owners or new owners entirely.


Evictus (IOU) has been a bit of a wildcard over the course of the war as they were tasked primarily with backline defense to prevent Imperium-aligned entities from taking over Legacy-held space that was not a part of the invasion and conquest of Imperium lands. Drama sprung up over this as some corporations felt that the leadership’s plan (or lack thereof) would ultimately lead to their downfall.

It seems, however, that they have been doing something right, as they hold a large swath of space in Esoteria and Feythabolis and intend to keep it that way. Their goal is to retain that space and stay in the area with their buddy alliance Army of Mango. Whether these regions become a target of Imperium aggression is yet to be seen because, of course, TEST is next (or TEST is now, whatever the latest line is).

Over the course of the war, Evictus has gained 1,286 pilots and lost 1,227, resulting in a net of an additional 59 pilots joining the alliance. At the time of writing, they have 2,760 members within 37 corporations and hold 39 systems through Esoteria and Feythabolis.

Requiem Eternal

There are few Legacy alliances more associated with bad luck than Requiem Eternal (now Eternal Requiem), REQ. Their most noteworthy news story of the war was the fact that their alliance was completely disbanded by a disgruntled director (who the Imperium later claimed was a “Black Hand agent”, though this director refutes the claim).

According to his story, he felt that he was being treated unfairly and decided to transfer some alliance assets to Goonswarm (one Fortizar), steal some ISK, and then disband the alliance. REQ reformed right after but not with the full deck of cards they had before and their brief absence left a large hole in the infrastructure required to travel through Legacy regions due to offline jump gates.

It was an uphill battle since then to keep the members of REQ pushing along and active participants in the war. Reports from other affiliated groups are that REQ is joining the ranks of the fallen and disbanding its alliance. Though, on dotlan, they still have more than 800 members with 21 corporations and hold 5 systems of sovereign space.

Army of Mango

Though not properly members of the Legacy Coalition themselves, The Army of Mango Alliance (AOM) is the closest thing to it. AOM teamed up with Legacy during the war against Fraternity and their backstory is kind of insane.

On the Serenity server, one group rules null-security space. They are stronger than anyone else could ever hope to be and everyone knows it. That group, PIBC, decided to splinter off some time ago and bring some of its pilots to Tranquility. However, another Serenity group had already done the same thing, Fraternity. AOM and Fraternity were bitter rivals on the Serenity server and brought their grudge to Tranquility with them.

During the course of the war, AOM and Fraternity both refused to set friendly standings with each other, resulting in some hilarious posts about Fraternity AWOXing AOM in their home space. AOM was largely tasked with maintaining the backline regions of Esoteria, Omist, and Tenerifis. They maintained them well, fending off attacks from most callers (including The Bastion). At current time, they maintain a majority share of the space in those regions.

Moving forward, it seems the course of action for AOM is to stay put. Along with Evictus (and maybe Vindictive), they intend to hold down Esoteria and the former primary Legacy regions. According to The Mittani, AOM is unwelcome in the Imperium so it is likely that they experience harassment from their neighbors in the coming months.

Over the course of the war, AOM gained 623 pilots and lost 4,916, netting a staggering 4,293 member loss overall. Though, most of that was from one corporation, Conoco, who joined Outer Hell at the outset of the war. At time of writing, AOM has 5,840 members within 89 corporations and holds 87 systems of sovereign space.

Brave Collective

Brave Collective (BRAVE) is a well-storied Legacy alliance. They joined in 2017 after taking a beating from Pandemic Legion (and whoever else wanted to beat up on the little guy at the time) and quickly became one of the staples of the coalition. They are best known for their backward salute (7o) and flying dangerously, as well as their onboarding and training of newer players.

However, Brave has had a rough go during the war for Delve. Initially, they were meant to hang onto their home regions during the deployment to Delve. Dreadbomb, on the other hand, had other plans. They were tasked with clearing out the holdings of Legacy alliances (and they said they only came for fights) while Legacy was busy in Delve. And clear it they did. With the help of the Initiative, Brave’s home regions were well and sufficiently destroyed, except for their Keepstars.

This led to hasty decision-making from Brave’s leaders, urging their members to sprint towards their new home of Querious. They moved in without any infrastructure and, allegedly, hemorrhaging money, barely being able to afford to pay SRP. Siberian Squads (a former Legacy member turned Imperium turncoat) would try their best to keep Brave from taking over the region–and fail.

Though Brave was able to take hold of Querious and begin installing infrastructure, the proximity of the region to the recently freed Delve meant that Brave wouldn’t be able to stay there at all. Now, Brave is headed north along with everyone else under the new official leadership of Dunk Dinkle. They’ll live in Geminate (as soon as the current residents are evicted) and, according to Dunk, they’ll be back to doing their own thing without the need for big bloc politics. Hopefully, this means they’ll go back to being the fun-loving characters we all know and love to beat up on (sorry, guys.)

Over the course of the war, Brave gained 1,581 members and lost 530, resulting in a net gain of 1,051 new members to the alliance. At current writing, Brave has 13,722 members within 70 corporations and holds 4 systems in Querious (which they will likely lose very, very soon).

TEST Alliance Please Ignore

The largest of the Legacy alliances is TEST Alliance Please Ignore and they have potentially the most deadly road ahead of them. They were one of the primary driving forces for the start of the war and two of their commanders, progodlegend and Vily, are largely credited with its progression (or lack thereof).

The biggest threat to TEST Alliance is that, for the last 13 months, they’ve been the target of the Imperium mantra “TEST is next” and that has changed to “TEST is now”. Fortunately, for TEST, they’re going to be as far as they can possibly be from their latest enemies.

TEST is entirely abandoning their former region of Esoteria (and its surrounding regions) and heading up to Outer Passage. It’s expected that, at some point, TEST will announce that they will (at least temporarily) be members of PanFam (along with Pandemic Horde, Northern Coalition, Pandemic Legion, and others). They’ll be right next door to a lot of their PAPI friends and just down the street from Brave Collective, and their position in the Dronelands will be well defensible should the Imperium try to mount an attack on their new holdings.

Not only that but the TEST fleet command roster has gotten quite deep considering the addition of the corporation DI VA last year. DI VA came from Brave collective and contained a fair amount of the prominent alliance FCs who not only helped to spearhead PAPI’s final offensive actions but are now poised to assist with the defense of TEST’s new home.

Over the course of the war, TEST has had some fairly public departures, including the very dramatic departure of the Imperial Federation (I-FED) who flipped sides to Goonswarm Federation back in June. Ultimately, TEST has gained 2,240 members and lost 826, resulting in a net gain of 1,414 members since the war began. They currently have 16,271 members in 90 corporations and hold 33 systems of sovereign space (in regions that will likely flip to other alliances soon).

Honorable Mentions

Several alliances chose to dissolve prior to the Legacy coalition’s official dissolution. They were not listed above but I’d feel bad not giving them their time in the spotlight. They are as follows:

  • Rezeda Regnum (R-R), disbanded in April 2021
  • The Watchmen. (TW), disbanded (effectively) in February 2021

So that’s that. Legacy is no more and a lot of its former groups are being scattered into the wind. This means that there are currently two large power blocs on the nullsec chessboard; The Imperium and PandaFam (though sometimes it’s PanFam and Winter Co). Time will tell whether a new power bloc forms to fill the vacuum left behind by Legacy or if New Eden will enter into a two-side stalemate akin to the map of Serenity. Either way, we’ll keep you posted.

See something not quite right? Let us know in the comments below and feel free to give your thoughts about Legacy’s bad breakup.

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