Anger Games 6: A New Chapter in EVE Tournaments

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After a 12-month hiatus, EVE Online’s player community is buzzing with the announcement of Anger Games 6. This comes after a year filled with thrilling EVE tournaments, including the Captain’s Cup and the Alliance Tournament, the latter witnessing its first victory by the Fraternity team.

Anger Games 6 promises a departure from traditional formats, eliminating feeder rounds in favor of a round-robin group stage that ensures a minimum of three matches per team. Post the group stage, a traditional double-elimination format will take over for the top 16 teams. This new approach accommodates up to 64 teams from the start.

In terms of rule changes:

  • Match Duration: The standard ten-minute match is replaced by a seven-minute initial timer with new overtime rules.
  • Point System: A new 150-point total system for match compositions is introduced, replacing the traditional 100-point team total.

Teams can sign up from January 8, 2024, and must contract 2500 PLEX to the character “Angry German” to participate. The timeline details all the way from signups to the actual tournament dates in April, emphasizing the rigorous preparation and strategy formation period teams will undergo.

The prize pool is dependent on team registration numbers and CCP contributions, promising rewards for every match won. Details are to be finalized and announced post-January.

Anger Games 6 is set to be a blend of competitive spirit and community participation, with significant changes aimed at enhancing the tournament experience. The organizers encourage the EVE community to stay tuned for more updates and prepare for an exciting series of matches.

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Redline XIII
Redline XIII
I am a 4-year veteran of EVE Online. Though my exploits are not legendary, I have spent time in several nullsec alliances as a fleet commander and am the self-proclaimed Hero of the North. I am also the editor-in-chief of the New Eden Post, executive producer of our streaming platform, and a host of CrossTalk.

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