Become a New Eden Post Stream Partner

One of the biggest things we want to be a part of is helping the EVE Online streaming community grow and flourish. Twitch is a huge part of our audience and someplace we put a large amount of attention towards. As a result, the community has helped our channel grow into one to be proud of and we want to give back.

We are introducing the NEP Stream Partnership Program (not to be confused with the EVE Partner program) in an effort to help smaller streamers within the EVE Online community get the recognition they deserve (and make some money from it at the same time!).

What are we offering you:

  • Stream on a consistently active and watched EVE Online channel with more than 5,500 followers (and growing daily)
  • Make money from subscriptions (without being an affiliate or meeting any specific Twitch requirements), bits, and donations
  • Promotion of your channel by being added to our auto-host list and be added to the rotation of streamers showcased on the New Eden Post homepage
  • Promote your own channel while you’re streaming EVE

What we ask of you:

  • Pick one day a week, for a few hours, and broadcast on our channel
  • Keep your content within Twitch’s terms of service and broadcasting guidelines
  • Use our platform to promote yourself!

Fill out the form below and our Stream Producers will review your application and get back with you usually within a few days!