Devastation in Turnur Leaves New Avenues of Travel Around New Eden

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For the last week, all eyes have been on the Turnur system of Metropolis as research on and use of Stellar Transmuter technology caused the system’s star to be terminally disrupted. Yesterday, at around 17:00 EVE time, the star released devastating energy that destroyed nearby Upwell structures, critically damaged stations, obliterated the planet Turnur I and left capsuleer vessels nearly destroyed if they were close enough to the blast. The lore implications of this event are plentiful, but there’s way more excitement to go around.

Turnur I, now a scorched wasteland, via reddit

For those familiar with the events of Caroline’s Star, this seems pretty similar. According to lore, a similar apparatus was used to harvest the star of the system W477-P and, just like in Turnur, it failed, creating a “superliminal stellar anomaly” that rippled throughout the galaxy. Two events like this may only be a coincidence for now but, given that stellar harvesting is taking place in Vard and Egmar as well, those systems could suffer similar fates.

In addition to the potential consequences of harvesting these other stars, we could also (and very likely will) see this event wholly blamed on the Amarr Empire, giving the other empires a casus belli for the events of the Uprising expansion expected to arrive on November 8. Of course, no interstellar calamity would be complete without the presence of Triglavians and, in a news blast posted today, their presence is confirmed as vessels from the Svarog Clade are patrolling the area and investigating the aftermath.

A new wormhole type, connecting Turnur to the rest of the universe, via reddit

For now, we get to enjoy the galaxy’s latest method of travel, what some people are referring to as “low-security Thera”. Just like Thera, wormholes are spawning in Turnur and around the universe connecting it together. This means that, just like Thera, Turnur can easily become a super highway and its neighboring systems harbors for pirates to camp gates. Patch notes for today also indicated some general effects the event had, increasing warp speed and decreasing sensor strength, targeting range and scan resolution by 20% so it may be a little easier to travel and a little more difficult than normal to catch those ships traveling.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The recent changes that have been made to EVE Online have given me some great hope for the future of the game. New warfare mechanics, new ships, new goals, new targets. I’m chomping at the bit to get involved in the new faction warfare content (I just wish it was coming for everyone a little bit sooner). For now, EVE Online has earned my subscription (even at the higher cost) and I can’t wait to see what comes next.

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Redline XIII
Redline XIII
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