Monument to Be Constructed in M2-XFE

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In a new devblog written by CCP Aurora, chronicling the Massacre at M2-XFE, we get the first look at what a monument that is being erected in the system could look like (in the header of this article).

From the designer:

The initial concept was very clear in my mind: a diorama inside a semicircle with ships ready for the battle on its two opposite sides, and a banner in the middle bearing the records of all the players involved in the fight. I wanted something majestic and imposing to represent the epic scale of the battle. I was greatly inspired by the architectural rhythm of Hallgrimskirkja for the main structure. My team suggested implementing the shape of the Keepstar in the design; from that point I tried to include that shape as single piece or in a pattern in multiple ways. Once I found a solid shape for the main structure, I tried to merge with it some of the other previous experiments where I had used the shape of the Keepstar as a base until I ended up with a semicircular monument with the shape of the Keepstar inside of it.

Throughout the devblog, CCP Aurora rehashes some of the biggest statistics of M2-XFE and joins our previous speculations (based on battle reports and player accounts) with real life CCP data to paint a definitive picture of the carnage.

M2 Largest Battles by Isk

Based on the graph above, the fighting in M2-XFE dwarfed previous most expensive battles. The amount of destruction in this system is unrivaled and will likely continue to be so for a long time to come. We can also see the real-world dollar value of these costly battles in the following graph.

M2 Largest Battles by USD

Though hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of in-game assets were destroyed, one thing the devblog does not go into is the number of hours of game time a battle like this would require. According to the article, 1,304 Titans were present in the fight. Just going based on the time it would take to train an Avatar pilot with respectable skills, that collective time would be more than 21 million hours of training (without skill injectors of course). To put it into perspective, that’s 897,152 days or 2,457 years time.

The devblog goes into much greater detail with other statistics and is a must read. Go check it out and we’ll keep the updates rolling on WWB2!


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