Alliance Tournament XVII Feeder Rounds Day 2- The Minions Upsets TEST, TNT Upsets Dead Terrorists

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The second round of the feeder rounds for the 17th Alliance Tournament took place today. Much like yesterday, we’ve summarized the matches for you (this time with a little bit more information). Once the matches are finished today, we’ll give you a full summary of what to expect this November when the Alliance Tournament officially kicks off.

Nearly 5,000 people tuned in to watch the feeder rounds today and, if you weren’t one of them, here’s your summary!

Match 19: Snuffed Out vs. Spectre Fleet

In a fairly close match 1, Snuffed Out squeezed past Spectre Fleet to claim victory at the beginning of the day. The winner of this match would still have one more to play to claim their spot in the Alliance Tournament.

Match 20: The Celestial Empire vs. Psychotic Tendencies

Match 21: TEST Alliance Please Ignore vs. The Minions

In another surprising show of force, Psychotic Tendencies shut out The Celestial Empire 100-0. They were favored to win their match as analysts and casters called out CE’s “krabby” nature (mostly participating in PVP). Another upset occurred in the following match where the Minions used their stronger target calling to take out TEST Alliance Please Ignore’s strongest damage ships, leading to a match time out where they won by points.

Psychotic Tendencies and the Minions will go on to fight when the official tournament begins later this year to see who fights Goonswarm Federation in Round 2.

Match 22: L A Z E R H A W K S vs. Kitchen Sinkhole

Match 23: Red vs. Blue vs. Hidden Leaf Ninja Village

No surprises for anyone here as L A Z E R H A W K S, a strong smaller gang alliance on Tranquility shut out Kitchen Sinkhole 100-0. Following their victory by forfeit yesterday, we finally got to see HIDDEN LEAF NINJA VILLAGE etc play and they did not disappoint, knocking Red vs. Blue out of the tournament.

These two teams will fight each other for a spot in Round 2 where the winner will fight Forsaken Empire.

Match 24: Villore Accords vs. Platinum Sensitivity

Match 25: CAStabouts vs. Exodus

This set of matches had the analysts torn over the history of Villore Accords compared to the player ability of Platinum Sensitivity. Platinum Sensitivity ended up clutching the victory overall. The following match was a shutout by Exodus against CAStabouts, eliminating them from the tournament.

These teams will fight in Round 1 of the tournament where the winner will fight The Network in Round 2.

Match 26: Electus Matari vs. Bright Side of Death

Match 27: Tactical Narcotics Team vs. Dead Terrorists

The first match of this set was a surprise to no one as Bright Side of Death, who eliminated Brave Collective yesterday, went on to claim another victim in a 100-0 shutout versus Electus Matari. The second match, on the other hand, upset the Twitch viewers, causing dozens of them to be able to redeem their Galnet skins when Tactical Narcotics Team clutched a victory over favorites Dead Terrorists.

These two teams will fight again in Round 1 of the tournament where the winner will fight Darkside in Round 2.

Match 28: Odin’s Call vs. Dock Workers

Match 29: SE7EN-SINS vs. Arrival.

This set contained two of the most highly anticipated matches of my day where Odin’s Call took on Dock Workers and won in a 100-0 shutout, favored to win by the chat, and then Arrival eliminated SE7EN-SINS with another 100-0 shutout, showcasing their strength as a team. Both of these teams have shown to be extremely proficient in the feeder rounds and it will be unfortunate to see one of them eliminated in the next round.

These teams will fight again and the winner will have a challenge on their hands as they fight VYDRA RELOLDED in Round 2 of the tournament.

Match 30: Concept Portean vs. Fraternity

Match 31: Out of the Blue vs. Literally Triggered

After a strong showing yesterday, Fraternity was favored to win over their opponents in Concept Protean. Miraculously, 110% of Twitch viewers voted with their channel points (typos exist and I am sorry) and Fraternity took the win over Concept Protean. After a strong showing yesterday, Literally Triggered took another win to move on to the next round in a 100-0 shutout of Out of the Blue.

These teams will fight in Round 1 where the winner will fight Local is Primary in Round 2 of the tournament.

Match 32: Caladrius Alliance vs. Northern Coalition

Match 33: Outfoxed vs. Entropic Thunder

The first match of this set saw a surprising near-alpha of a Northern Coalition Sleipnir that had viewers on the edge of their seats. The Hounds from Caladrius came packing bomb launchers and hucked them across the arena, causing massive amounts of damage. The Northern Coalition team recovered and went on to win the match. The second match was the closest the odds were all day as Twitch viewers were mostly torn between Outfoxed and Entropic Thunder. Entropic Thunder ended up pulling out the victory with their Tempests and eliminating Outfoxed from the tournament.

These two teams will fight in Round 1 of the tournament and the winner will fight Boundary Experts.

Match 34: RAZOR Alliance vs. Hard Knocks Citizens

Match 35: Pandemic Horde vs. Snuffed Out

The last set of matches was, again, no surprise to anyone viewing as Hard Knocks Citizens effortlessly dismantled RAZOR Alliance and Snuffed Out took out Pandemic Horde. This was Snuffed Out’s second match of the day and, with a victory, secured their spot in Round 1 of the tournament.

These teams will fight in Round 1 where the winner will have another challenge on their hands in fighting another strong tournament favorite Templis CALSF.

As of now, there are 40 teams that will need to be whittled down to 16 when the tournament kicks off in November. You can view the bracket in its entirety here (which, according to a disclaimer, is subject to change).

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