Back in September, CCP announced changes to the core mechanics of citadels. As of October 13th, all new structures anchored required a Quantum Core, an item that can be purchased from specific NPC stations, before they became fully operational. The next phase of this deployment begins on January 12, 2021. Any existing structure that is anchored but does not have a Quantum Core will lose some of its benefits– fitting ships, tethering, and repair services.

Each structure will require its own specific core variant to be installed. The table below reflects the required core for each structure.

StructureRequired CoreValue (ISK)Core Volume
AstrahusAstrahus Upwell Quantum Core600,000,000500 m3
AthanorAthanor Upwell Quantum Core700,000,000500 m3
RaitaruRaitaru Upwell Quantum Core800,000,000500 m3
FortizarFortizar Upwell Quantum Core4,000,000,00050,000 m3
TataraTatara Upwell Quantum Core3,500,000,00050,000 m3
AzbelAzbel Upwell Quantum Core3,000,000,00050,000 m3
KeepstarKeepstar Upwell Quantum Core30,000,000,000250,000 m3
SotiyoSotiyo Upwell Quantum Core10,000,000,000250,000 m3

We highly recommend that, if you haven’t already, you head to one of the NPC stations selling these cores and get yourselves ready for the deployment of the update. As we get closer to the time of deployment, these stations and their routes to respective low and null-security systems will likely become harder to travel.

All Quantum Cores will be available to purchase from the stations owned by these NPC Corporations:

  • Ducia Foundry
  • Eifyr and Co.
  • Chemal Tech
  • Propel Dynamics
  • Outer Ring Excavations

The following NPC corporations will purchase Quantum Cores from Capsuleers:

  • Modern Finances
  • Amarr Trade Registry
  • Bank of Luminaire
  • Pend Insurance
  • Garoun Investment Bank