AbleGamers #SpawnTogether Campaign – Final Results

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Hello friends! It’s me again! This time I have to results of the charity campaign the EVE Online community did over the weekend of March 19-21. At the time of this article, we’ve raised $10,310.00 for AbleGamers! That’s not all, either, as CCP Games mentioned they will be donating $1,000 directly to AbleGamers as well! This puts the EVE community campaign at #2 on the teams leaderboard (with #1 being the overall campaign).

First, I just want to thank everyone who helped me with this undertaking. When Steven Spohn reached out, I thought it would just be me streaming some EVE and raising a few bucks. But instead y’all blew my expectations out of the water! Everyone in the community deserves credit for what we did, I just put it all together via a Google document and Discord/Twitter spamming folks.

Huge credit goes to the major news networks, New Eden Post and Talking in Stations, who both shouted out the event for over a week. They linked the donation page, encouraged folks to donate, and even gave shout outs to those who did donate. There were many individuals who also participated, even if they weren’t able to stream. I saw plenty of streamer and community members name in the donation page as folks gave what they could. And for those who couldn’t donate, they instead contributed by spreading the word or doing something special within EVE!

Additionally, the streamers who took part and helped rally the troops deserve praise: Dreydan (along with the Open Comms Show), Erstschlag, Manic Velocity, Suitonia, Liara, ScottishDex, RonUSMC, and even CCP Convict (along with Lokival). These folks brought the charity to their specific communities, which are both in and out of EVE. They gave away skins, ISK, PLEX, and even ships within EVE. Outside of EVE, there was singing, challenges to shave heads/beards, and even verbal debates in exchange for donations to AbleGamers.

The work and effort from everyone was amazing, and I’m not sure how to express my gratitude. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for the support! ♥

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