Red Alliance Rogue Director Crashes the Company Car

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Alliances in turmoil seems to be the running theme of the last few days as Red Alliance experiences their own internal conflicts, causing the alliance to effectively be rendered useless. You can see below the large dip in members and corporations that has now been partially rectified.

According to a rough Google translate from a manifest in Russian uploaded to Dropbox (view at your own risk), a director within the alliance, Dodger, was caught red-handed stealing from the coffers of the alliance. Worse yet, the spoils of his thievery went directly into the loving arms of real-money traders (those that offer real life currency in exchange for in-game currency). When called out on this, Dodger promptly kicked any corporation that was not “on his side” of the argument and took control of alliance completely.

This ended up with the alliance dropping down to 467 members and only 6 corporations (the dips we see above). Following the removal of these corporations, it seems as though Dodger took drastic action to prevent any returning corporations from seizing control of the alliance back from him by adding in holding corporations, named for the action they were participating in:

Throughout the drama, alliance assets and sovereignty were transferred to a personal corp held by Dodger called Bad Robot Inc. Looking at the corporations that were initially removed, some remain without an alliance ticker while others, like PTUSHNIKI, have found homes in other alliances. Some have also returned to the RED Alliance (GhostWaffe, Pact of Honour) and others returned just to leave again. As we near the end of the story, it looks like even some corporations are leaving of their own volition now, undoubtedly waiting for the dust to settle before (hopefully) forming a new alliance with their comrades.

The way I see it, these corporations have a few good options. One, they can join up with another recent convert to the Imperium in Siberian Squads and continue to bolster the timezone for them. Two, they can form their own new alliance from the ashes of RED Alliance and proceed as normal (with likely some time needed for organizational changes). And three, they can remain unallied and join different alliances/coalitions, spreading themselves across the galaxy (not ideal for any nullsec group of this size to do).

In either case, a scandal of this magnitude is sure to have long-lasting effects on the alliance in general and may strain ties with their friends in the Imperium as their most recent alliance actions were to reform the once severed ties between the two. Moving forward, watching the corporations and the moves they make will be paramount to discovering whether or not there will be any impact on the members of RED Alliance and their participation in World War Bee 2.


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[…] NEP – Red Alliance Rogue Director Crashes the Company Car […]

Redline XIII
Redline XIII
I am a 4-year veteran of EVE Online. Though my exploits are not legendary, I have spent time in several nullsec alliances as a fleet commander and am the self-proclaimed Hero of the North. I am also the editor-in-chief of the New Eden Post, executive producer of our streaming platform, and a host of CrossTalk.

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