Brave Pilot Takes the Easy Way Out of M2-XFE

Over the weekend, the Imperium made an offer to their enemies trapped in M2-XFE. It was simple and to the point: get the pilot out of M2, don’t lose your spaceship, and get paid. The ping to the Imperium read:

Dear citizens of the Imperium, we have offered an opportunity to our trapped enemies in M2. Any enemy pilot trapped in a Titan can contact the diplos in order to purchase a silver ticket and we’ll buy their titan from them at a discount. Do not be surprised if the hellcamp FC tells you not to shoot an enemy ship that logged in: the pilot made the right choice!

Following the ping, a Brave Titan pilot took them up on their offer and parted with his Leviathan. If pings from the Imperium are to be believed then this pilot is also joining their ranks (again) after a short separation of just about 3 months in Brave. Previously, this pilot belonged to two Goonswarm corporations (and an Initiative one), most recently Hogyoku, a corporation headed by prominent Imperium FC apple pear.

Because of this, allegations are swarming the story saying that this was super spy that is now burned and for not much more than a good story and a fantastic way to tie together the recent leaks from Brave leadership channels. In various Discords, the reports were simply that this pilot was placed in Brave to wait for a moment like this, either to attempt to create a significant morale loss for PAPI or to try to bait other Titan pilots (believing they’re purchasing silver tickets) in logging in and meeting their demise. After all, Goonswarm itself is one of the largest proponents of scamming other players in EVE.

However, in a lengthy comment on reddit, the Titan pilot came forward to explain his side of the story. According to him, he joined Brave with a friend and put forth a solid effort into doing classes for the Brave dojo, leading fleets, giving out ships, among other things. He states the reason for his departure is that there was a lack of communication from leadership to those who were trapped in M2-, loot and salvage drama, and continuous rejection and accusation of being a spy.

In the comment, he posts screenshots of communications and other things that contributed to his decision to leave. What we believe is the current game plan for the remaining trapped PAPI supers and Titans is waiting for a cynosural jammer to be online before attempting to free anymore ships and a lot of the communications posted were detailing this pilot’s impatience with that decision.

r/Eve - Silver Ticket Redeemed

In either case, we’re not entirely sure if the silver ticket offer is as good as gold but this pilot, spy or otherwise, has earned himself a new lease on a life unrestricted by hellcamps and is being welcomed into the arms of the Imperium.

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