Frat vs The Freemen of the North – Week 4

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Technically week 4 started off with a bang with Fraternity’s attempt at anchoring a D7-ZAC Fortizar falling flat in the early hours of Saturday. The battle was covered last week, as it makes for a better article to end on an interesting story. I’d direct your attention to Week 3’s War Report if you need to catch up. I apologize that this report is shorter than last week’s, but there’s only so many words to use when describing the day to day.

This week would also see more skirmishes throughout the various timezones. With TP/Quote forces continuing their campaign against jump bridges and netting a few kills of their own for their efforts. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Rote forces began their blops campaign in earnest this week, seeing a drastic increase in botters killed, reported banned, and the sell price of Ishtars on the Jita market. Effectively casting a net over most of Vale, we’ve been able to net dozens of generic ratter kills but also the odd carrier or two.

With the Frat superfleet moving into the area we’ll be interested to see what kind of impact the umbrella will have on the region and their commitment to ratting.

Finishing out this week’s report (but occurring mostly in the middle) was the attempted anchoring of a Frat Fortizar in ZA0L-U in Vale. FMOTN forces picked up on the anchoring and we decided to commit since it was at an excellent weekday time for the USTZ contingent. Knowing we’d be outgunned, we decided to commit our last remaining supercarrier to turn the tide. Ultimately, what ensued was a pitched subcap battle that saw a properly modern Muninn and Machariel fleet bested by the old warhorse, the Dominix.

I’m certain I’ve missed something else interesting during the week in my summary and my comrades will properly flay me fort it, but ultimately this week has been quite other than the two forts dying (D7 being the more impressive BR). The EUTZ has continued to rage against every jump bridge they can find, forcibly reinforcing various Frat r64s and support structures. USTZ has pivoted heavily to a dedicated blops campaign, while hunting down Frat militias when they make a move on structures. There have been wins and losses on both sides overall, I myself missed most of it due to Dad mode and hosting my parents. Cry for me, r/Eve.

Onto the numbers! The Scorecard – Week 4 – 22-28 Jan 2021

Current Hubris Tax Level for Frat V Rote Kapelle: 1459%, for TP: 1127%

Current tallies are:

Isk Lost579b246b
Ships Lost33052138

And some graphs to go along with it:

Again, as previously stated, these numbers don’t capture the entirety of the forces arrayed against Frat, as that may negatively skew the public narrative and lead one to believe that the Freemen are, in fact, at a numbers advantage.

The previously reported “Trail of Tears” move op from last week has seemingly been completed and we expect to see Frat beginning to fill up the abandoned areas of Vale with their legions of dedicated Gurista hunters.

If you have any further questions for us feel free to hit us up here or on Discord as usual.

The biggest of thanks to the following:

  • We Form V0lta
  • United Federation of Conifers (RIP)
  • No Vacancies
  • Odin’s Call (all 600 of them)
  • Triumvirate
  • Pen Is Out
  • Brotherhood of Spacers
  • Arkhos Core
  • /u/_DJtanner for these slick visuals
  • Anyone I missed: I love you
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