MN5N-X, a Spark That Ignites a Fire.

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Rich Richman with the Richman Report. Opinions et al are my own, and do not represent my corp or any playstyle of EVE Online.

Tonight’s fight in MN5N-X was a one of many to come for the upcoming war to the fleet commanders of both blocs. But for me, it is a taste of TiDi and massive fights which I’ve not experienced for a long time. For the rest of us hired groups, this is our baptism by fire and one of the first big fights we’ve been the direct cause of. We caused this fight. What started with less than 75 in local sparked a fire.

This fight began around 0230 EVE time with the anchoring of our Raitaru in MN5N-X. Our combined group of Odin’s Call, Fwaming Dwagons, Hard Knocks, Wormhole Society, and Stranger Danger fielded a small Cerberus fleet to meet the Bastion Ferox fleet. We numbered 28 in fleet. Bastion was prepared to bring us down.

On an even fight battlefield, the Ferox fleet struggled to engage our fleet outnumbering our logistics and possessing more powerful combat recons. We fielded our ingenuity, coordination, and excellent piloting ability against their fleet. We engaged and showed them what they lacked. And we brought down a Basilisk and fleet commander XxJaNxX in his Lachesis.

This immediately sent Bastion into panic, routing their forces. We brought down another Basilisk and a Drake Navy in the panic and prepared for them to re-engage. Exchanging fire, we brought down more of them and forced them to rout, catching their FC, Silent Luke, in his Huginn.

At this moment, we’ve tracked that Bastion – unable to engage our forces – have called upon Initiative to send in a massive fleet of over Zealots, Damnations, and Guardians. They outnumber us more than three to one. Blurkus Twoinch arrived on grid in his monitor to engage. One hundred Sacrileges bolstered this fleet, as we danced around the battlefield.

Our structure was anchored successfully. Recognizing we were outnumbered, we called for backup. PAPI forces were on their way as we picketed and held grid against Initiative’s massive fleet. First came Horde, whom held grid and took a brunt of losses. NC arrived just in time to charge into battle separating the Imperium fleet.

It is 0250 hours now. Elo Knight was preparing to bridge into battle to take over the battle as PAPI FCs began to tear apart Imperium forces. This will come too little, too late. TiDi has kicked to a painful 15%. This is extremely crippling to our style of piloting as we rely on second to second decision making and coordination. Recognizing the danger, we wisely opted to reposition ourselves to pluck off control ships, and then to cut off reinforcements.

During this bloody fight, PAPI overwhelmed the Imperium forces. It was clear that even the mentally untouchable tactician Elo Knight could not bring victory here. Unwilling to call it quits, Imperium forces dropped a Ninazu in order to bolster their forces. In return, PAPI responds with four Dreadnauts to nuke it off field. The Ninazu had no chance.

At this point, we tracked the former Bastion Ferox fleet, which was in a total rout retreating to their staging system to down-ship into Jackdaws. With Imperium forces in shambles and their spirit shattered, they made a total retreat leaving Fleet Commander Blurkus TwoInch to the mercy of Alphastarpilot as Goonswarm Jackdaws covered their retreat.

With the fight over, our group picked off the shattered forces of Imperium, booshing off stragglers left to our mercy. Their fleet commanders have long retreated.

Wormholers should know their place.


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[…] Following our wildfire in MN5N-X yesterday and a token attempt to destroy our structure (the first hostile structure to successfully anchor in Fountain), we predicted an attempt to bring down the monument that mocked them and defied their rhetoric. Of course the structure monetarily is worthless, but mentally to the hearts and minds it is a temporary but tangible trophy of our baptism by fire. […]

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