KVN-36, The FC Gambit.

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Rich Richman with the Richman Report. Opinions et al are my own, and do not represent my corp or any playstyle of EVE Online.

Following our wildfire in MN5N-X yesterday and a token attempt to destroy our structure (the first hostile structure to successfully anchor in Fountain), we predicted an attempt to bring down the monument that mocked them and defied their rhetoric. Of course the structure monetarily is worthless, but mentally to the hearts and minds it is a temporary but tangible trophy of our baptism by fire.

Following massive losses the previous day, Imperium forces did not bring a fight to our structure. It was time to bring this fight (and content) to them by reinforcing a jump bridge in KVN-36 with PAPI forces behind us. As the Jump bridge edged closer to reinforcement, we had effectively knocked on the doors of the Imperium – forcing them to field four monitors – fleet commanders Kocicek, Dave Archer, Razer Maden, and Parrthurnax to defend their jump bridge.

Imperium forces escaped narrowly before PAPI fleets were in position, to our disappointment. So we had to start up our fight generator again. On the second attempt, Imperium forces committed themselves and upshipped their commanders. Qicia and Blurkus took over, replacing Dave Archer and Razer Maden. We had achieved success. As we began our dance of death around the Jump Bridge, Imperium forces burned further into the Keepstar in fear of the battle to come. PAPI forces landed, and engaged in the fight. TiDi trickled down and I was worried of the danger fighting so close to the Keepstar. My fears will become true in this battle.

Imperium forces began to rapidly bleed Sacrileges, losing important tactical assets such as Devoters and Hyenas in the process. Their experienced backup commanders in the Legion and Loki became overwhelmed, leaving the Imperium line members confused and disorientated. However dizzy with success, Fleet Commanders Deveron, Alrock, Pittsburgh, Jin-Mei, and SpotlessBlade were targeted in a nasty trap. Opting for a quick head-shot success, Imperium Keepstar operators unleashed a massive Doomsday attack to bring those commanders down along with several of their own line members and tactical assets.

This dirty and underhanded tactic proved to be their undoing, as PAPI forces began operating independently without the dependence on their commanders. With Imperium command ships and tactical assets torn apart by friendly fire Keepstar attacks, the line members were left helpless and the fleet members panicked leaving every man for himself. Reservists and conscripts of Imperium forces were thrown into the fray in order to tilt the tide of battle as fleet commander Pittsburgh returned in a new Monitor to direct the focus of PAPI forces.

The fight was over. With the danger of fighting on Keepstar grid, the call was made to evacuate with spoils of war and our victory in high spirits. We had won, and demonstrated that a headshot on commanders is no guarantee of victory.

With such large numbers on grid, accidental friendly fire had occurred. I have lost my Interceptor and Genolution implants to accidental friendly fire as I tackled a Bastion sabre. I have been reimbursed. Everything is okay. A small consequence of war.

Watch your fire.

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