Patch Notes for Version 19.05, CSM Voting Begins (Amid Some Issues)

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Greetings capsuleers, and welcome to your weekly dose of EVE Online patch notes. As always, this article serves to give you the notes for the patch with a side of perspective making sure you understand (at least a little bit) what the actual hell is going on in EVE Online. Today, we’ve got some exciting news, mobile observatories are released! So is the gate to Stain, among 3 other new stargates connecting regions that became less connected when the Triglavians took their piece of the pie. We also have CSM voting starting this morning (although parts of the internet aren’t feeling so well today). Feel free to read the original patch notes to see if there’s anything we miss, otherwise here’s the cliffs notes:

Mobile Observatories and You from CCP With Love

The recently announced Mobile Observatory deployable is now available for use on Tranquility. The new blueprint can be purchased at Pirate NPC stations across null-security space. Here are its stats:

  • Introduced a new mobile deployable: the ‘Mobile Observatory’.
    • When deployed, these new mobile observatories, will “ping” the entire solar system periodically with a chance to decloak cloaked ships that do not have a cloak stabilization buff active.
  • Shield, Armor, Structure HP: 5,000, 5,000, 20,000
  • Disallowed in: Wormhole, Pochven, Abyssal Space
  • Minimum distances from other Mobile Observatories: 10 km
  • Minimum distances from Stargates, Stations, or Upwell Structures: 1,000 km
  • Restricted to Security systems below: 0.5
  • Activation Delay: 10 minutes
  • Maximum lifetime: 1 hour, 40 minutes and 30 seconds
  • Volume: 100 m3
  • Skill Requirement: Anchoring 3

These structures have a cap in a single system of 10 which means you could theoretically create a ball of Mobile Observatories that are timed to ping the system and potentially decloak ships in it every minute for more than an hour and a half. What’s yet to be seen is how structures like this will affect large-scale fleet combat. Considering they can be anchored anywhere (within reasonable distance) this could have the same effect as bountyCalls did where a ship gets pinged for status, cloaked or decloaked, and then pinged for a change (to decloak) every minute. We aren’t sure whether or not the deployable’s lifespan is impacted by time dilation or not so that should prove to be an interesting discovery when the time comes.

As a side note, if you stream gates, enemy staging grids, or large-scale fights– your job just got this much harder! Enjoy!

New Stargates Completed as a Result of Real Capsuleer Effort

Four new Empire-sanctioned stargates are available in some regions that (desperately) needed to connections in them after the Triglavian invasion rampaged across the galaxy, stealing 27 systems for themselves (with capsuleer assistance). The new gates and their connecting systems are as follows:

  • Hykkota (The Forge) ↔ Ahbazon (Genesis)
  • Irgrus (Metropolis) ↔ Pakhshi (Genesis)
  • Kenninck (Placid) ↔ Eggheron (Solitude)
  • Saminer (Tash-Murkon) ↔ F7-ICZ (Stain)

In addition, new monuments have been placed beside each of the new gates listing the names of the Capsuleers and Capsuleer corporations that contributed the most to the empire mining expedition sites that helped collect resources for these new stargates. Take that, naysayers. Your contributions to this event did matter and now you don’t even get your name on a monument.

CSM Voting Has Started

CSM voting has started. Go and cast your vote for your favorite candidates and make sure you fill in your entire ballot. The CSM elections use a modified version of the single transferrable vote system where, if your higher picks get knocked out of the election, your votes go to the next candidate on your ballot. Watch this informative video from CCP Aurora who explained the process for last year’s elections. Also, for the course of the election, the Daily Democracy event is now live and will run until 11:00 UTC on June 15. All accounts older than 60 days with an Omega clone status are eligible to vote in the player elections and actively participate in the selection process of the council that will be collaborating with CCP in the ongoing development of EVE Online.

Not sure who to vote for? Ashterothi has done a set of interviews on dozens of candidates to make sure they had the opportunity to win your vote. Check it out and vote for your favorites.

And that’s really it for these patch notes. There are some extra quality of life things that come from player feedback (as indicated by a new fancy icon on the page) but nothing really to write home about. Now you’re informed and now you’re not surprised. Have fun and we’ll see you next time.

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Redline XIII
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