Version 19.03 Releases, New Blueprints for Industry, Landmark Updates, DBS and More

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This week’s patch notes bring along with it quite a number of changes and updates, including paving the way for the seemingly unstoppable update to the “sky-is-falling” industry changes. We’ve also got some updates to long-standing landmarks and monuments throughout the galaxy with one brand new location to explore. To top it off, some previously unannounced changes to the dynamic bounty system hope to bring more content to the currently suffering new mechanic.

With every major patch, we try to bring you the cliffs notes so you don’t have to go searching through dozens of bullet points to find the important information. You can view the full patch notes on the EVE Online site.

Industry Changes

To start it off, the upcoming changes to industry now have a road to travel on. We expect them to launch within the next 2-3 weeks in a follow-up patch. Since these changes add new required materials for building ships, industrialists need to be able to continue their production lines after the changes take place. To accomplish this blueprints, reactions, and new drops have been added.

New blueprints and reactions can be acquired from the following Corporations listed below. Please note each Corporation offers different availability of blueprints/reactions, and you will need to consult in-game Regional Markets to identify the supply.

  • Ytiri
  • Propel Dynamics
  • Eifyr and Co
  • Freedom Extension
  • Zoar and Sons
  • Ducia Foundry
  • Impetus
  • Chemal Tech
  • Modru’s Legion
  • Outer Ring Excavations
  • Intaki Bank
  • Amarr Navy
  • Caldari Navy
  • Federation Navy
  • Republic Fleet
New Blueprints available:

Construction Components Blueprints

  • Life Support Backup Unit Blueprint
  • Genetic Mutation Inhibiter Blueprint
  • Genetic Structure Repairer Blueprint
  • Neurolink Enhancer Reservoir Blueprint
  • Genetic Safeguard Filter Blueprint
  • Genetic Lock Preserver Blueprint
  • Programmable Purification Membrane Blueprint
  • Core Temperature Regulator Blueprint
  • Auto-Integrity Preservation Seal Blueprint
  • G-O Trigger Neurolink Conduit Blueprint
  • S-R Trigger Neurolink Conduit Blueprint
  • R-O Trigger Neurolink Conduit Blueprint
  • U-C Trigger Neurolink Conduit Blueprint

Capital Construction Blueprints

  • Enhanced Neurolink Protection Cell Blueprint
  • Neurolink Protection Cell Blueprint
  • Capital Core Temperature Regulator Blueprint

Advanced Capital Construction Blueprints

  • Ladar-FTL Interlink Communicator Blueprint
  • Magnetometric-FTL Interlink Communicator Blueprint
  • Gravimetric-FTL Interlink Communicator Blueprint
  • Radar-FTL Interlink Communicator Blueprint
New Reactions available:

All new reactions can be started in the Standup Biochemical Reactor I service module.

Molecular-Forged Reaction Formulas

  • Goal-Orienting Neurolink Stabilizer Reaction Formula
  • Stress-Responding Neurolink Stabilizer Reaction Formula
  • Reaction-Orienting Neurolink Stabilizer Reaction Formula
  • Ultradian-Cycling Neurolink Stabilizer Reaction Formula
  • Isotropic Neofullerene Gamma-9 Reaction Formula
  • Isotropic Neofullerene Beta-6 Reaction Formula
  • Isotropic Neofullerene Alpha-3 Reaction Formula
  • Sense-Heuristic Neurolink Enhancer Reaction Formula
  • Cogni-Emotive Neurolink Enhancer Reaction Formula
  • Axosomatic Neurolink Enhancer Reaction Formula
  • Hypnagogic Neurolink Enhancer Reaction Formula
  • Meta-Operant Neurolink Enhancer Reaction Formula

Composite Reaction Formulas

  • Thermosetting Polymer Reaction Formula
  • Reinforced Carbon Fiber Reaction Formula
  • Pressurized Oxidizers Reaction Formula
  • Oxy-Organic Solvents Reaction Formula
  • Carbon Fiber Reaction Formula
New Component Drops for Manufacturing:

The following new components are not manufactured, but can be acquired from exploration content in the universe.

  • Counter-Subversion Sensor Array
  • Nanoscale Filter Plate
  • Electro-Neural Signaller
  • Enhanced Electro-Neural Signaller
  • Nano Regulation Gate
  • Meta-Molecular Combiner
  • Isotropic Deposition Guide
  • LM-Composite Molecular Condenser
  • AG-Composite Molecular Condenser
  • CV-Composite Molecular Condenser
  • AV-Composite Molecular Condenser

Another, smaller, feature to the ecosystem is the removal of empty asteroid belts. If the belt has no asteroids left to mine, it will be removed from the list. Mykoserocin gas sites have been added to low-security systems and additional null-secirty locations as well.

New and Updated Landmarks

Some new and updated landmarks are appearing in New Eden to commemorate accomplishments by capsuleers or as a part of significant lore events within EVE Online. One, in particular, caught my eye- the gate in Old Man’s Star. The story of the gate in this system has long been a part of EVE Online’s lore, how a talented engineer trapped lightyears from home created a unique stargate out of an asteroid and, up until now, it’s just looked like a normal stargate. Capsuleers traveling here will now see a unique model, complete with what looks like this man’s factory or house among other details you’d never notice unless you were looking for them. A picture wouldn’t do it justice. However, other updates and new landmarks exist, here’s the list:

  • The rare Children of Light phenomena in the Iyen-Oursta system has received a dramatic visual upgrade.
  • New landmark locations can be found within the following systems:
    • New Eden
    • Gererique
    • D-B7YK
    • 6QBH-S
    • Old Man Star
    • Atioth
    • Mozzidit

The names of the top 10 fastest capsuleers for the three route in this year’s Federation Frand Prix have also been added to the monument within the starting line site in Luminaire and there’s a new hidden landmark in the game. According to the notes, thie landmark has been established in a piece of official EVE Online content but has not been visible within the game until now.

Dynamic Bounty and Encounter Surveillance Systems

One new economic system that has seen fairly frequent iteration since its inception is the combined mechanics of the Dynamic Bounty and Encounter Surveillance Systems. This system was released with mixed feelings. On one hand, null-security residents liked the idea of receiving more money for the time they spent ratting in their space. The smaller groups, namely the small gang community, enjoyed the idea of being able to steal that money and force a fight out of the residents of the space.

The latest changes to the system aim to alleviate some of the pain experienced by the groups of people that roam to steal from these systems by increasing the autopay timer (meaning more ISK in the ESS) and decreasing the intrusion timer (less time for the residents to respond). They’re also increasing the equilibrium value (the percentage that the DBS tries to bring the system back to) and the maximum output percentage (the highest percentage of increased payouts). Overall, these changes should hopefully put more capsuleers into space killing NPCs as well as bring stealing from the ESS back into the light as a viable method of content generation.

  • The autopay timer for the Main Bank increased from 2h to 2h:45m
  • The intrusion time to the Main bank decreased from 6m 30s to 6m
  • Equilibrium value increased from 135% to 150%
  • The Maximum Output of the Dynamic Bounty System increased from 180% to 200%
  • Adjusted Dynamic Bounty System threshold margins

Other Updates

Many graphical updates, technical issues, and user interface adjustments have been made. Check out the full patch notes for details. Some of the most important parts of the updates and fixes are below:

  • Added a “Buy and Fit” button to the Multifit window after a “Fit” fails to apply a fitting to a ship.
  • Added the option to ‘Include Jump Bridges in Route’ when using Autopilot, this can be toggled On/Off in the Autopilot options.
  • Adjusted camera pivot on the Blackbird and other ship variants.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Signature Radius Suppressor’s passive bonus to work while the module was offline.
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