Utu Gets “Vonholed”, First Loss in Over 5 Years

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Few names in EVE are as famous as the name of one of the most notorious hunters in the game, Fredrick Vonhole. His name is on the list of attackers of a dozen Alliance Tournament ships in the last two years and, over the course of time, has participated in killing more than 3 trillion ISK worth of ships. “AT ships” were handed out as prizes to the winners of the CCP-sponsored Alliance Tournament (that has been on hiatus for some time). As they were given as prizes, a very limited number of these ships were handed out — and fewer remain — a fact that increases their value and demand immensely.

Most recently, Vonhole participated in the successful baiting and destruction of an Utu assault frigate. This ship showed a value on zKillboard of over 80 billion ISK but, due to the nature of these ships and their appeal to rich collectors, it’s likely worth a lot more. In this kill, a Sunesis destroyer, perfectly fit for holding and tanking the Utu, was put out as bait. The Utu pilot pounced and the trap was sprung, resulting in his destruction. One of the most notable things of this kill is that this is the first one of these ships to die in more than 5 years, with the last one meeting its end August of 2014.

In addition to AT ships, Vonhole has quite the addiction to killing black ops battleships. So, if you’re hunting around in an expensive ship and something seems a little bit too easy– be careful, you might be getting Vonholed. Fredrick was contacted for an interview and declined to comment on this story.

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