NC. Steals Unanchored Imperium Keepstar

K-6K16, Delve — Today, Northern Coalition scooped up an unanchored Imperium Keepstar in the system of K-6K16. According to the Goonswarm “D00m Clock”, this system would’ve been ready for a cynosural jammer in 22 days. According to logs from elysium & kremlin channels on Imperium jabber services, this Keepstar wasn’t supposed to unanchor until tomorrow. Someone dropped the ball and allowed the Keepstar to fully unanchor. However, that’s not stopping the Mittani and other members of the alliance from blaming CCP for the mistake.

the_mittani: this is entirely our dumb fuckup and/or entirely ccp’s fuckup but it’s a fuckup regardless and there’s no way or reason to spin that

According to collected chatlogs, the Keepstar has been in a near constant state of unanchoring since Operation Enho and has been reset each week like clockwork. According to the Mittani, the clockwork seems to have busted.

Pittsburgh2989, a Northern Coalition FC, informs us that after they confirmed the Keepstar was unanchored, they bridged in a freighter to scoop the Keepstar. Three lowly dreadnaughts were dropped to kill the freighter, but NC. escalated with PAPI forces. This resulted in one saved freighter who reportedly never went lower than 75% shield, and three dead Goonswarm dreadnaughts. The modules were looted by NC. Rorquals and another freighter before Imperium could escalate further. This Keepstar theft almost makes up for the Revenant and Leviathan lost earlier in the week by PAPI.

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Written by Jeremy Andedare

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