A warning has been broadcasted on holoboards around New Eden indicating that severe stargate disruptions are expected. This follows previous warnings from EDENCOM for capsuleers to evacuate their assets from structures that have been captured by Triglavians.

In total, 27 systems have been taken as major victories by Triglavian forces. You can see the systems on this website. At least one major system, Niarja, has fallen to Triglavians meaning that the trade route between Jita and Amarr could get increasingly difficult if the stargates truly are disabled.

In the system of Niarja, Suitonia captured an image of the sun seeming to be getting absorbed into the abyss, the space Triglavians call home. It is also noted that the particles around the sun look a lot like the particles that surround your standard wormholes in EVE Online. The screenshot is below:

r/Eve - Niarja sun is getting sucked into the abyss?

We will keep you informed on the latest news of the Triglavian invasion as it enters its Zenith.