Fountain’s Gates Open as PandaFam Prepares for Deeper Invasion

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As of current writing, two constellations of the Fountain region have had ihubs fully claimed by PandaFam forces. These systems have been reinforced several times since the start of the war. However, it would appear the straw that broke the camel’s back was INIT constantly being formed for a solid 4 hours to defensively entosis and potentially fight outnumbered since the start of the war.

Previously, PandaFam held several systems in the constellations, which we reported on earlier, and a couple more were added over the weekend. However, both constellations at the entrance of Fountain have now been reinforced, destroyed, and replaced by Pandemic Horde.

Reports on the field say today, unlike other days, The Initiative did not form a defense fleet to counter the attacking entosis efforts. Previously, we’ve seen them place their supercapitals on the Fortizar in the D4KU-5 system and skynet their fighters to the gate, forcing any would-be attackers into a meatgrinder.

For any unaware of the implications of this action, it means The Initiative can no longer place infrastructure (e.g., jumpgates, cyno jammers) into any of the systems which have been reinforced and taken over. This makes defending structures in the area significantly harder and may very well signal the “beachhead” which attacking forces have been seeking for the last two weeks of war.

Just over three weeks ago, The Mittani (leader of the Goonswarm Federation and the greater Imperium) laughed on the Meta Show at the thought of Goonswarm abandoning the Initiative and leaving them to bleed out in Fountain like they did to French ConneXion. In response, Dark Shines of the Initiative says the Imperium has been the best ally they’ve had among all the other coalitions they’ve been apart of. Goonswarm Federation did not bring any fleets to defend these constellations since the weekend and have recently been in the business of pulling The Initiative away from defending their region to fight in the south against Test Alliance Please Ignore.

As we see the attacking forces move deeper into Fountain, it is likely we also see Goonswarm take more of an (for lack of a better word) initiative in defending the region. The closer these attackers get to Delve, the higher the pressure on the castle on top of the hill gets. What will be interesting to see moving forward is how the southern theater of war will change if Goons have to spend more time coming to Fountain.

We’ll try to keep you posted on the happenings in World War Bee 2 as they develop. Stick with us and feel free to submit your own news to the site. We’d love to hear from you!

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Redline XIII
Redline XIII
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