The newest addition to the New Eden Post team is the Stream Partnership. Streamers from all around the galaxy can broadcast their EVE content on the NEP Twitch channel, promote their own channels, and get paid for subscriptions, bits and donations just like if they were streaming on their own channel! We're always looking at hosting new shows too!

  • Promote your brand!
  • Get access to the NEP Network for merch discounts, giveaways, and more!
  • Get paid!
  • Writers

    Become a part of the team that brings the news. Whether you want to report on the frontlines of the most recent battles or discuss the finer points of changes to the game and their impacts, we've got a place for you here. You can submit articles without being a staff member.

  • Put your name next to other great writers!
  • Earn up to 500 million ISK per article.
  • Bring your own viewpoint to thousands of capsuleers.
  • Artists

    Every article, stream, and video needs graphics. Our team of artists is responsible for bringing words to life in pictures and helping us present it to the galaxy. Joining this team gives you the opportunity to let your artistic vision shine.

  • Make art for ISK (better ticks than ratting!)
  • Work on what you want, when you can
  • Get paid!


    When writers submit articles, they must go through editorial checks. Our editors receive the same payout as the writers themselves and only need to fix errors, ensure consistent thoughtlines, and report when things are ready for publishing.

    Though it sounds easy, being an editor does have deadlines and can often times be a bit overwhelming. That's why editors are considered to be senior staff at NEP and require a little bit more vetting than normal.


    We are currently seeking three additional members of the senior staff team at New Eden Post to assist with production. These positions are as follows:

  • News Director
  • Creative Director
  • Production Manager

    Each of these roles are paid with one (1) free Omega subscription in EVE Online as well as a portion of the ISK received in exchange for participating in the EVE Online partner program. Serious inquiries into either role should be given directly to a seni

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