The gang talks about the upcoming mineral distribution changes and the landscape that CCP wants to create that looks an awful lot like a volcano erupted on top of a mayonnaise sandwich. We also talk about the supercapital fight in 49-U6U and other fun stuff.

The gang talks about a number of topics ranging from unreinforced nodes to what alliances not involved in the huge nullsec war are doing. Then we get interrupted by a breaking news bloodbath in NDII where it seems the move ops are ~finally~ over.

The gang talks about the impending doom of the Imperium as supers and Titans arrive on the doorstep of Fortress Delve. We also discuss some more serious topics about narratives and their affect on the players of the game.

The gang talks about exciting updates to EVE Online's Abyssal Space including new mutaplasmids for capital modules and new tiers of content. We also try to talk about the war but, unsurprisingly, no one wants to anymore.

The gang talks about the biggest threat to New Eden: Brave Newbies. We also discuss the biggest supercapital move op the game has ever seen and knocking on the doors of the warzone. Can EVE Online's servers handle this war? Who knows! Not us!

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The gang hangs out with special guest host Fountain Frank and talks about the claim that Goonswarm is unanchoring Keepstars. Can this really be believed? Why not! Snuffed Out loses a faction Fortizar in low-security space but not without claiming nearly a trillion ISK in kills and losses. We've got the insider to talk about it.

The gang talks about the Initiative abandoning Fountain to the PandaFam invasion. We also talk about the upcoming Alliance Open Tournament this fall/winter and also some iNtErEsTiNg changes to EVE Online with the addition of metaliminal storms.

The gang talks about some of the beefiest fights World War Bee 2 has seen so far including the regions of Fountain and Querious burning down. We also talk about the most recent patch notes including big changes to some of the most popular doctrine command ships.

The gang talks about PandaFam breaking into Fountain and taking over an entire constellation of the region. We also get up close and personal with members of Provibloc and RC to talk about the region of Providence resetting its not red don't shoot mentality and the Provibloc disbanding.

The gang talks about big fights in EVE Online, with a special focus on allies feeding and how that definitely means you're feeding. We also talk about the upcoming Quadrant 3 release of EVE Online.