Revenant and Leviathan Down in T5ZI

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In this Thanksgiving edition of “stupid games for stupid prizes”, a Pandemic Legion Revenant attempted to kill a Thrasher in PAPI staging of T5ZI-S.

The fatally poor decision making on the part of the pilot resulted in the Imperium responding with a force auxiliary supported dread bomb. After aggressing, a PH spy, known as “Third Imposter“, bubbled the Supercarrier with a heavy interdictor, a Goon cyno was lit, and the capital was dead before FAXs could undock. The dead Leviathan was attempting to prove TEST was indeed pulling their weight and de-tethered before there was sufficient support undocked.

Goonswarm seems to be losing the conventional war, but they are certainly not going down without taking everything they can with them. The battle report came out to 264 Bil lost for PAPI, with just a bit over 101 Bil lost in the dread bomb. While not changing the course of the war, it certainly was a clear reminder that Goonswarm is still a threat to PAPI assets.


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[…] Pittsburgh2989, a Northern Coalition FC, informs us that after they confirmed the Keepstar was unanchored, they bridged in a freighter to scoop the Keepstar. Three lowly dreadnaughts were dropped to kill the freighter, but NC. escalated with PAPI forces. This resulted in one saved freighter who reportedly never went lower than 75% shield, and three dead Goonswarm dreadnaughts. The modules were looted by NC. Rorquals and another freighter before Imperium could escalate further. This Keepstar theft almost makes up for the Revenant and Leviathan lost earlier in the week by PAPI. […]

Jeremy Andedare
Jeremy Andedare
Member of, TEST Alliance Please Ignore FC. 2 Year EVE Vet.

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