A Dystopian Cult in Space

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Dehumanized Enemies and Radicalized Citizens Under a Single Charismatic Dictator

Picture a society. With a closed off dictatorial regime not accepting new nation states but willing to subjugate more citizens to it’s ranks.

Controlled by a single charming dictator, and maybe a few select companions by his side.

They control their dominion with their own spin of slick propaganda and internalized media channels to revise history to suit them, and to encourage their members to conform to groupthink. Any other opinion is quickly censored and dissent eliminated through internal affairs intelligence programs.

Through mass conscription and citizenship, loyalty and group identity must be established.

To ensure dependency and conformity, SRP and welfare is enforced to discourage out of box thinking and encourage use of approved doctrines. More feeble and unambitious members are reluctant to defy decisions made for them especially if they are penalized or given a lack of reward. Rewards are given to cogs that fit the great big machine.

Enemies are frequently dehumanized and alienated through the use of various labels and a us versus them mentality, using labels such as “incels” and “virgins” and “pubbies” and as a method of dismissing legitimate criticism. This also hardens their citizen’s minds to anything that can potentially break their cognitive dissonance and potentially lead to doubts in which side is right or wrong, good or bad.

New players are not immune to this treatment either. In fact, they too are indoctrinated and radicalized to worship their charismatic leaders. They’re encouraged to repeat the same dogmatic rhetoric spoken by their leader – fed the same story as the others.

Leaders are never wrong. They’re infallible until they by humble grace admit to a mistake. Anything that goes wrong is blamed on someone or something else as a scapegoat.

And to those who are ambitious and wish to climb the ladder and ranks to step above the masses find themselves in long caste system difficult to navigate due to tons of bureaucracy and long time distrust of anyone not already part of the inner circle. At this point unquestionable loyalty and tremendous sacrifice is required to progress.

Under this system, it is united by prideful nationalism to themselves and their identity. It is fictional fascism incarnate. An autocracy and combined an oligarchy. The very actions of their leaders and members make this a dystopian radicalized cult.

It sounds like something straight out of fiction. Something from a dystopian tabletop roleplaying game. Or a novel of a terrifying alternative future. Or maybe a parody of some real world individuals.

See the source image

The personalities and traits exhibited feels strangely similar to the 48 laws of power – a book popular (and banned in) many US prisons – and other “power, seduction, and manipulation” books written by Robert Greene. The projection of a pseudo-Machiavellian charisma which demands obedient – fanatics and apologetics – absolute love and total devotion.

Whether it’s an act taken too far or a individual out of touch with reality; courtesy and good manners are not the side of the coin offered to “them”. They are as exclusive as a rock-star to everyone but citizens within.

They are superficially charming leaders of some of the biggest alliances and coalitions today.

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