“TOTALITY: REALIZED”, Everything We Know About the Triglavian Systems

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Yesterday, CCP held a stream hosted by Carneros with two special guests — Arsia Elkin, an EDENCOM fleet commander and Uriel Paradisi Anteonuecci, a researcher from the Aratak Research Consortium — that went a little further into detail about the events that have taken place in regarding the Triglavian invasion.

For those unaware, Triglavians have been rampaging through high security and low security systems in recent months, spurring a new NPC faction, EDENCOM, to defend. Players had the ability to join either faction and help to turn the tide of battle one way or the other. In systems where EDENCOM was successful in repelling the Triglavian invasion, a Fortress was declared, meaning the system was immune to further invasion. In systems where the Triglavians were successful, they were declared either Minor Victories or declared as Final Liminalities. In Final Liminality systems, EDENCOM forces were removed completely and an advanced Triglavian mining platform was constructed and aimed at the suns in the system. Now, these stars flicker.

Throughout the course of the invasion, empires in null security space as well as capsuleers hailing from low and high security systems have fought over the systems. Some seeking to preserve the order of things and others looking to seed chaos in New Eden. However, a few weeks ago it was announced that the Triglavians had finally reached the magic number of systems, 27, in Final Liminality, signalling the end of the active invasions. Now, as we move into the next phase, we’ve learned a significant amount thanks to a data leak that was intercepted by capsuleers in the Triglavian Discord server. These changes were summarized on the r/EVE subreddit by u/_TomR and any upvotes should be thrown his way.

  • Final Liminality systems now form a meta-region called Pochven
  • Old stargates are shut down with visible wreckage (no K-Space connections)
    • New Triglavian gates connect the systems internally, controlled by Trig standings
    • 27 systems total, divided into 3 constellations with 9 systems each
    • 1 constellation for each of the 3 Trig “Clades”/factions, with a capital system in each
    • Capital systems contain an “Anchorage” that’s large enough to dock World Arks
    • NPC stations remain with old names, but with Trig ownership and agents removed
    • Special star models that refer to their previous type and history of getting transmuted
  • Without Trig to K-Space Stargates, you have a few travel options:
    • Filaments in; many variations targeting “border”, “internal”, and “home” systems, as well as per-Clade
    • Filaments Out; exit Trig Space to nearby K-Space or Minor Victory systems
    • New wormhole types: C729, X450, F216, U372, R081
      • 16 hour lifetime
      • 300m kg per jump / 1bn kg total
      • Mass allows BS and Orca, but not Bowhead, Freighter, Capital
  • Variations on mineable Triglavian ore previously seen in Invasion sites
    • New Triglavian Ore Processing skills to boost refine rates
  • Lots of new NPCs like ex-Empire ships infested by Rogue Drones
    • Seems like related additions of loot the Triglavians want

He goes on to explain that there were a bunch of ore redistribution infobytes but that he focused primarily on the Triglavian information. The work that these capsuleers have put into keeping track of the Triglavian invasion has been nothing short of legendary and I am deeply excited to see the next parts of the Invasion unfold as CCP invites us into the next expansion of EVE Online.

As it stands, we should see the next waves of changes coming to the game after downtime tomorrow. Though no extended downtime has been posted, I would expect a slight delay as these changes are implemented.

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