Patch Notes for Version 18.10 Release

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Today’s EVE Online patch confirms what we recently uncovered from leaked data in that the systems that reached Final Liminality from the Triglavian invasions have indeed been severed from the rest of New Eden. The systems form their own region, Pochven, which can be accessed via wormholes and filaments. We’ll go through some of the most important things here for those who do not have access to view the patch notes in their original format here.

  • The Triglavian Invasion has come to an end. The Collective now inhabit 27 systems severed from the rest of New Eden, forming the new Nullsec Pochven region which can be accessed via wormholes and filaments. According to reliable sources some Triglavian vessels in the area may carry filaments for escaping this new region. Unconfirmed stories also state that these filaments are available for purchase in the new Triglavian stations. Active Market Orders and HyperNet Offers within Pochven have been cancelled and both goods and escrow have been refunded. In addition to that, Agents within Pochven have been removed and any active missions have been cancelled.
  • There is a lot to discover in these systems as they function completely differently now that the Triglavians have taken them over. More details will be reported by The Scope in the coming days. Until then, Capsuleers that dare to venture into the new Pochven region can discover things on their own. Since Medical Clones within Pochven have been moved to a character’s birth Station, some capsuleers will need to travel to the systems to uncover the mysteries – the lucky (or unlucky) players already within those systems are free to undock – at their own risk.

Reports from capsuleers who logged off in these systems in anticipation of the severance say that standings are required to traverse Pochven. According to in-game popups, 3.0 or 7.0 standing is required to take the new stargates within the region that connect the systems. We have beautiful screenshot of the old gate to high security space in Niarja that shows exactly why these gates needed to be shut off as it appears that the Triglavian have corrupted and nearly completely destroyed the gate.

A Triglavian superstation has been spotted guarding one of the new gates though this structure is considered a large collidable object (a prop, essentially) and cannot be docked in as of now.

In addition to the Triglavian invasion, the next phase of the Quantum Cores release is now in effect and any new structures that are anchored will now require the appropriate core before their anchor timer begins. This is important for developments on the war in null security space as invading forces continue to try to establish a beachhead in the region of Delve as now every structure they attempt to anchor will come at in increased cost.

  • Second phase of the Quantum Cores update is now live and all new structures must have a core inserted to complete the onlining process.

Several changes described in the recent Resource Distribution Update dev blog are now live which means that there are now different compositions to the ores that you’ve been mining in almost all levels of space. Details regarding these changes are contained within the resource distribution update dev blog and I will not be going into them here (to keep myself from crying this early in the morning).

There are some helpful changes to the user interface including the addition of “Super Potato Mode” which is the new UI-Only mode that was unveiled previously, allowing capsuleers to hide the 3D scene behind their spaceships.

  • Pressing Control+Shift+F9 (Rebindable shortcut) will now activate a UI-Only Mode which Capsuleers can use to hide the 3D scene.
  • New client font settings have been added allowing to change font size between Small, Medium and Large
  • Added fitting warnings when user is missing charges and stacking penalties.
  • Added tooltips for stacked windows.
  • Allow Corporation Leaders to kick multiple players at once.
  • Added Corporation panel to The Agency homepage.

As a final update to these changes, CCP Dopamine made a forum post detailing the temporary disabling of player bounties and killrights in an attempt to lighten the performance load on the servers. His post is here and is paraphrased below:

With today’s release 19 (13 October) we will be temporarily disabling both the player bounty and kill rights features on Tranquility. We are taking this action as part of an ongoing initiative at CCP into the exploration of server and client performance during large fleet fights. When these features are disabled for an extended amount of time, we will be able to take a different look at how both the server and client performs.


Please note that this is a temporary action while we experiment and learn. We are currently aiming to have both features disabled for approximately one month until the next release in November, however we may choose to extend this duration if we require further analysis.

We have chosen this course of action based on yours and CSM’s feedback, and we will update this forum post when we have chosen a date to re-enable these two features.

This comes after several large fights, including a record-breaking battle in FWST, have seen less than stellar performances from the servers hosting them, and player outcry has been aimed at the bounty system that creates a wall of “outstanding calls” that must be completed. As Dopamine says, we’re not sure what effect, if any, this will have on the server load.

Again, this is just a quick overview of the patch notes and you can view the full post here. See you in Pochven!

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Redline XIII
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